Entry #1

Goodbye Newgrounds.

2007-12-28 07:02:44 by Quickbeam

I'm barely on, so run all my clubs for me and try and review some of my things. Don't ask me to make you a sig, because i won't. Don't ask me why I'm not coming on anymore, because thats my business.

And to my friend Phantom; I'm sorry about your untimely death. You were a great guy and we had some good conversations together. It's just too bad i couldn't say goodbye to you.

And now I'm off to carry on my life. If you ever want to talk to me then send me a message on here. I'll come back from time to time to check on everything. :]
Bye for now everyone, you've been great.

Here's some of my photography. :]

Goodbye Newgrounds.


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2008-01-09 21:58:20

awh :'/

your photography is beautiful.
its all good moving on with your life.
i enjoyed your music,alot.
well have a good rest of your life :D


2008-02-10 22:17:54

Me and all the users at PSE miss ya.

Btw Phantom is alive!

Anyways, Enjoy Reality!


2008-08-28 14:50:17

Kk, bi! xx


2008-11-21 17:54:23

Don't gooooo!


2009-01-27 16:16:13

Moving on from graf, to a whole new kind of art?
Bold step man, props to you.
Visit us sometime.


2009-02-06 22:16:12

ill miss ya bro you had the best music check your music outi wrote reviews on some of them


2009-07-31 12:09:46

Goddamnit it too far too long for me to comment, i just happened to be checking some aduio, so I felt like listening to your stuff again. I kinda feel sad for you leaving, since you had some awesome music here.


2011-01-08 22:12:44

Ya know people, he DID say "Bye for now". Not like he's leaving forever...