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Nice One Man!

You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!

Yeah, I'm the Saviour!! Nice flash man, it was really well drawn and well animated. The voices were well acted and it was a really awesome Thanksgiving special. But i just have one question, why is there a Halloween preloader at the start of it?

IceSage responds:

The... whole thing was Halloweenish, including the preloader. If you had read the "description" it says that this was meant to be in the NG Halloween Contest. However, I couldnt work on it until about now... So, it was the "thanksgiving" special.

Thanks for the review and votes, Saviour.

Wow, that was good for a days work!

This was hilarious, i still can't believe you made this in a day! It would taken me about seven days just to draw the first scene let alone the whole movie! But i do have one piece of pie you could improve on. The sound. It was was horrible. The song was perfect for this flash, Well most Slipknot songs are anyway, but you murdered it. Try and get a better version of it. And if you want me to give you one straight from their album, just PM me.


jiips responds:

I know its a shave, i had to lower the sound quality or else the file size would be pretty huge and take a long time to load. Sorry about that.

Nice One Man!

This series is good, it's just there is no effort or thought put into them. Which makes it kinda boring to watch. And since they are all based around the same things you only really need to watch one episode. And how did it take 4 people to make this flash? I bet you yourself could have made this in about 5 minutes with no help at all and you had no eyes to see through. But I'm just expressing my opinion, so you don't have to listen to me bitching about little things.

Have a Nice Day!


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Pretty Good

I loved the instruments in this game, they were so fun i was playing around with them for about 10 minutes. Great job of this man. You really done well on this, Congratulations on a successful flash and good luck with your next flash whenever it is released. I hope it is as good or better than this.


artecartum responds:

Thanks for the words, dude.


This was cool. It reminded me of Space Invaders for the old Atari consoles. It looked great and the sound was very retro like. It had good controls and was easy to play. I really liked this game, i hope you have a few more projects like this up your sleeves.

Amazingly Beautiful!

This was just great, reminded me a lot of Bomberman and a lot of and Easter game i have played before.

Graphics: The graphics were nice and clean, they looked like they had been done better than the best. There were very colourful characters in this game, which didn't seem to do much really. Try and make them do something please!

Style: It was very stylish, it looks great and very colourful. Colour is the main thing in a game like this. You just need the right amount of it and there you have it, a world class game.

Sound: It was very good in the sound department. It was a very happy and cheerful track which made me want to play on more. Try including a variety of tracks to give it an even happier sound to it.

Violence: There wasn't really that much violence but the bombs made it pretty violent and when you died you were black and burnt so that was kinda violent too. Hope your happy with the 5 i gave you for violence!

Interactivity: This game was very interactive, it gave me the courage to carry on and win the game. It was very well layed out on the keyboard and reminded me of the controls for the Bomberman game.

Humor: There was no humor in this game.

Overall: Overall this was a great game. I hope to see more games like this from you in the future. Congratulations on this game, i hope you win Daily Feature with it.

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It's good but...

It doesn't loop very well. It's a great cover, the guitar is perfect, but it shouldn't have such a sudden loop. It should be very smooth. And isn't it three highs then a low instead of it being one high and one low? I'm pretty sure it is. I have the original song. Still, it's alright for a quick loop.

Damn, you got 0 fucked too... Let me boost you back up a bit...

Thanks for your vote, Quickbeam! You voted 5 for NoFX - Drugs Are Good (Loop), raising its score from 2.50 to 3.00.

Casualty responds:

Yeah, you're right on the song order, but I just customized it a bit ;)

Thanks for the review and cheers! I'll be right over at your page to cure you from the zeros too =(

Fucking Awesome...

But I don't think that this is Indie. It's more Heavy Metal than Indie. But I did like the Midi track playing behind it, I usually don't like it when people do that but this time it did fit well with the song. Congratulations on learning the scream technique, Hope you will use it in a few more songs.

You got my vote.

Thanks for your vote, Quickbeam! You voted 5 for DSL (Jessie's Song), keeping its score at 5.00.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

I debated sticking this in the Heavy Metal category, but it still retained too much of the "indie-ness" to do that with it.

Thanks for the review.

Excellent Cover

I'm a huge Megadeath fan myself, but I don't think I could, or would, ever cover one of their songs. I'm to much of a fan to cover a song they spent time working on. Works needs to be noticed or it won't get judged. However the Audio Portal was on you side with this song, and you managed to win their Thanks, Votes & Reviews.

Congratulations man. You got my vote.

Thanks for your vote, Quickbeam! You voted 5 for Symphony of Destruction!, raising its score from 4.64 to 4.66.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

WOW man! Thanks a hell of a lot. Seriously dude. You kick ass!\m/


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