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Pretty Good

I loved the instruments in this game, they were so fun i was playing around with them for about 10 minutes. Great job of this man. You really done well on this, Congratulations on a successful flash and good luck with your next flash whenever it is released. I hope it is as good or better than this.


artecartum responds:

Thanks for the words, dude.


This was cool. It reminded me of Space Invaders for the old Atari consoles. It looked great and the sound was very retro like. It had good controls and was easy to play. I really liked this game, i hope you have a few more projects like this up your sleeves.

Amazingly Beautiful!

This was just great, reminded me a lot of Bomberman and a lot of and Easter game i have played before.

Graphics: The graphics were nice and clean, they looked like they had been done better than the best. There were very colourful characters in this game, which didn't seem to do much really. Try and make them do something please!

Style: It was very stylish, it looks great and very colourful. Colour is the main thing in a game like this. You just need the right amount of it and there you have it, a world class game.

Sound: It was very good in the sound department. It was a very happy and cheerful track which made me want to play on more. Try including a variety of tracks to give it an even happier sound to it.

Violence: There wasn't really that much violence but the bombs made it pretty violent and when you died you were black and burnt so that was kinda violent too. Hope your happy with the 5 i gave you for violence!

Interactivity: This game was very interactive, it gave me the courage to carry on and win the game. It was very well layed out on the keyboard and reminded me of the controls for the Bomberman game.

Humor: There was no humor in this game.

Overall: Overall this was a great game. I hope to see more games like this from you in the future. Congratulations on this game, i hope you win Daily Feature with it.

Pretty Good

This was a pretty good flash and almost in time for Christmas too. Just before the big rush too.

Graphics: The graphics were great, they were 3d which is pretty hard to do if you want to make a game. It was nice and colourful and had very Christmassy colours in it.

Style: The style of this game was good. The presents were fun and the death presents were very good. You don't get mant Christmas games where you get to kill someone. I actually doubt anyone would ask for a box of death for Christmas.

Sound: The was good but it got very annoying. I don't like turning of the music in flashes, it makes me fell like it don't appreciate the effort someone has put into it. It was quite a good track but it just seemed repetitive. Good thing you put in that turn of music button eh?

Violence: It was very violent but the bomb presents made it all the more fun and all the more violent. It seemed like the right thing to do though as this will score you many points with those blood loving psychopaths.

Interactivity: It was quite interactive, there were a lot of controls for this game which is why i gave you an 8. The controls were easy to use and were the basic controls for a game. Next time try and include various button sequences to make the gameplay a little more exciting.

Humor: No humor in this game.

Overall: Overall this was a good flash. It had great colours great gameplay and a very merry spirit. May i wish you a merry Christmas!


This was an awesome game. Loved the game-play of it. Will there be a second part to this? Anyway good luck in anymore flash masterpieces you are going to make.

Wasnt What I Expected.

I mean this was good but it definately does not live up to its reputation. I can understand how it got daily feature because there a millions of people who like this game and instantly vote 5 on it before they even played it. I dont think this should win anymore than daily feature. Its definately not worth greatest of all time list. The gameplay was boring and dull. The training level was boring a got old after about a minute. The zombie survival wasn't too bad but you could just stand on a ledge and blow the crap out of them all for about 10 hours (Not that i would ever want to play this game for 10 hours) without losing andy health. I noticed it on crazymonkeygame before it was on here. How did it take 3 weeks to upload it to newgrounds? Keep trying to make new ones but make it alot better than this. Try and make it have a storyline instead of just pointless killing. I hope you can make new ones because the first thing thing game was good because it was almost original and had some great gameplay. If there is an Arena 3 (Just dont name it that, PLEASE!) try and more game modes and maybe a story mode? Well good luck with any more submissions!


Reasonably Good

This was So-So. It was terrible but it did have some bad points. The choice of how to make the game was pretty bad. Nobody could ever beat the original Pico's School and never will. If you actually made this a whole game before you make the next Tut then you would have quite a lot to fall back on. If you spend a lot of time drawing and making a new storyline for the game you could end up a very popular person. Spend your time on flashes, Don't rush them or they look like complete and utter shit. Work hard and you will be rewarded.


I never really liked games like this but this was different somehow. well done. 5/5

silveuk responds:

Thanks for your Review.
I assume you made it to the end then :)


i got 3000 points

Good But.....

Make it A Little less difficult i couldn't last 10 seconds.

ShqweezPerduptins responds:

you must really really really suck ass


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