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It's good but...

It doesn't loop very well. It's a great cover, the guitar is perfect, but it shouldn't have such a sudden loop. It should be very smooth. And isn't it three highs then a low instead of it being one high and one low? I'm pretty sure it is. I have the original song. Still, it's alright for a quick loop.

Damn, you got 0 fucked too... Let me boost you back up a bit...

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Casualty responds:

Yeah, you're right on the song order, but I just customized it a bit ;)

Thanks for the review and cheers! I'll be right over at your page to cure you from the zeros too =(

Fucking Awesome...

But I don't think that this is Indie. It's more Heavy Metal than Indie. But I did like the Midi track playing behind it, I usually don't like it when people do that but this time it did fit well with the song. Congratulations on learning the scream technique, Hope you will use it in a few more songs.

You got my vote.

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Setu-Firestorm responds:

I debated sticking this in the Heavy Metal category, but it still retained too much of the "indie-ness" to do that with it.

Thanks for the review.

Excellent Cover

I'm a huge Megadeath fan myself, but I don't think I could, or would, ever cover one of their songs. I'm to much of a fan to cover a song they spent time working on. Works needs to be noticed or it won't get judged. However the Audio Portal was on you side with this song, and you managed to win their Thanks, Votes & Reviews.

Congratulations man. You got my vote.

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Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

WOW man! Thanks a hell of a lot. Seriously dude. You kick ass!\m/


Really nice song. What show is this for? I have a feeling it's a German show... Anyway, it's awesome. I also love those (?British?) German Lyrics. They sound really strange.

Well done again on this song man. It's really crazy.

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newskies responds:


It's a german TV comedy show called "Schillerstraße" and I just covered the theme song of it lol^^
I just listened to it and then I played it on my guitar. Slow at first, but the second time faster. Thx anyway for the review, old bud.


Very Fucking Tasty!

This was one brutal motherfucker. The riffs were fast and un-controllable, and were those drums i heard in the background? Anyway, this song is brilliant and is so hardcore that i wish i had made it first. And did you get the title from the movie SAW? Because that's what he says in the movie.

This was one fucking awesome song, so i'm gonna have to say: "Well fucking done man! This is your best yet."

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DarKsidE555 responds:

yummy man. Glad you enjoyed my shit. Nope, no SAW included. The name just popped up in my mind but I could fit teh movie na couldn't it!? ;)

Anyways, cheers and beers dude! Rock on fucker! \m/

Nicely Done...

This reminded me of the song "Hit The Floor" By Bullet For My Valentine. The start sounds a lot like it, did you get the idea from that song? It also reminded me of a song i wrote called "-The End Of It All-" maybe you could check it out? Anyway, i think this song really needs drums, and maybe a little bit of bass, to really spice things up a bit.


The-Eastern-Front responds:

i havent ever really listened yo bullet for my valentine, maybe i should :)

and ill deff check out your stuff, thanks for the review :)

Pretty Good...

I'm a big fan of SOAD and this song was an alright cover. I can't wait to hear the full version with the Lyrics and drums. I think you should add bass in too, this song has some good bass and it would sound much better with it than without it. Also, about the name change. I think you should have kept your original name of NewSkies, it sounds much better and the name fits with a lot of your audio submissions. I know the username lockdown is about to come into force, so maybe that's why you changed your name. But i think a lot of people already know you as NewSkies and maybe the name change might comfuse them (Because it bloody well confused me!)

Anyway, good luck with the full version.

Your Pal,


newskies responds:

Oh thx! yah I thought this is kinda lame, but for the fact it's a quick demo... thx! It's gonna cost SOME time to do the full version. I mean, the drums and the lyrics aren't easy to do. And I changed my name because on my computer I have my music as "KaldasHeavyD" so I decided that it would fit better. Tell me if I should change it.

-NewSkies? Kaldas? aka?... w.e!


Not great. I'm gonna have to give it a two, it was just to random for me (or anyone) to sound good. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I think you put 0 ammount of effort into this submission. This isn't even a song!

newskies responds:

yeah whatever. just thought it would be funny. yeah, w.e.

-Kaldas aka NewSkies


This was some random shit...nicely done though. The guitar was good, the vocals weren't to great, but i don't think the song would sound right with out them. Not exactly Hardcore Punk, more of a Post-Punk song than hardcore. Anyway, it was good. Could you tell me the lyrics too? Hehe, I would love to sing along!

newskies responds:

hey yeah thx buddy! It's actually meant to be funny, doesn't seem you found that out. So, I'm gonna write the lyrics down just for you. :-)

Mum, what am I gonna get for Christmas? What am I gonna get? Yeah? Yeah? Ah wh.. wha..what...what-what? Yeah, what is it? I wanna know? What am I gonna get? Please, please tell me! Pleeeeaase.


What am I gonna get on Christmas?
What am I gonna get?

What am I gonna GET?
What am I gonna GET?
What am I gonna get?

This night, Christmas time,
yeah, Christmas time
What am I GONNA GET?

Pleeease, please plz plz.... tell me, tell me, tell me...
w'm gna get tooonoooight
What the hell am I gonna get for Christ-mas? *random noise*
I wanna know, I wanna know, what I'll get on Christmas, it's Christmas nigght... Ii wanna knoowww. Please tell me. Now. You can start now. Plz tell me what I'm gonna get. It's Christmas. Please, tell me. Please tell me. You can start now, plz tell me, yeah, yeah. oh yeah, plz pleeease, tell me! Tell ME! Tell me... Why can't you just... tell me?
What am I gonna get on Christmas night?
What am I gonna GET?

-KaldasHeavyD aka NewSkies


I haven't actually heard this song yet as the computer i'm using hasn't got flash player. So i'm just gonna have to assume that this track is good.

Make sure you check out the second part to my song "-The Massacre-".

Heres a link to it: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/view.php?id=1712607&sub=690


speedmetalmessiah responds:

Hmmm...well that's a little odd, but hey whatever. Hopefully you listen to it at some point, and hold off on reviewing the next tune until you can actually listen to it. I'll checkout the tune later today when I can really crank my speakers.


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