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Nice One Man!

You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!

Yeah, I'm the Saviour!! Nice flash man, it was really well drawn and well animated. The voices were well acted and it was a really awesome Thanksgiving special. But i just have one question, why is there a Halloween preloader at the start of it?

IceSage responds:

The... whole thing was Halloweenish, including the preloader. If you had read the "description" it says that this was meant to be in the NG Halloween Contest. However, I couldnt work on it until about now... So, it was the "thanksgiving" special.

Thanks for the review and votes, Saviour.

Wow, that was good for a days work!

This was hilarious, i still can't believe you made this in a day! It would taken me about seven days just to draw the first scene let alone the whole movie! But i do have one piece of pie you could improve on. The sound. It was was horrible. The song was perfect for this flash, Well most Slipknot songs are anyway, but you murdered it. Try and get a better version of it. And if you want me to give you one straight from their album, just PM me.


jiips responds:

I know its a shave, i had to lower the sound quality or else the file size would be pretty huge and take a long time to load. Sorry about that.

Nice One Man!

This series is good, it's just there is no effort or thought put into them. Which makes it kinda boring to watch. And since they are all based around the same things you only really need to watch one episode. And how did it take 4 people to make this flash? I bet you yourself could have made this in about 5 minutes with no help at all and you had no eyes to see through. But I'm just expressing my opinion, so you don't have to listen to me bitching about little things.

Have a Nice Day!


Very Nicely Done

The animation was great! It was clean and smooth running. The song fit perfectly with the theme of the flash and everything just ran together perfectly. Just keep doing things like this and you will get many awards for it.


Great-Incubus responds:

Thanks. It took me forever to make.

It was ok....

The movie was alright i guess, but can you tell me where you got that great Punk cover of the Metal Gear Solid Theme? I would love to know as i want to use it in a flash movie i am making about Metal Gear Solid.

Thanks if you help me!


almightymoses responds:

i was sent it over msn.

So, So

This was pretty good for a school project, i hope you get a good grade for this piece of work as it was brilliant.

Graphics: There weren't graphics so to speak, just a bunch of pictures, text and a video probably ripped from Limewire. I don't mean to be nasty but you really didn't have to do much work for this at all. And what was with those little badge things at the start? What the hell were they!?

Style: There really wasn't much style in this as it was a education flash movie, but it did have some style with the way it all fit together so you get kudos for that man. Just try and make sure your next submission has more style in it, style is the key in a flash movie!

Sound: The song was great, it fit well with the theme of this flash. Could you please tell me the name of the song as i wold like to have it on full volume and be listening to it constantly. Thank you.

Violence: There wasn't really much violence except for those pictures of the people in the video after they had taken ecstasy.

Interactivity: There wasn't really any interactivity in this flash, except for the play button at the start. But that isn't really interactive so you only get a 1 for that.

Humor: There was no humor in this flash movie.

Overall: Overall this wasn't great, but maybe it will pass if people are in a nice and happy mood today. Hope you could make a better movie next time.


Graphica responds:

Thanks for the nice review :)

I agree in everything you've said. The reason for the lack of style and some of the other stuff was that i only had a few days to do some research and make the movie. (The movie wasn't nessecary for the project... i just like to do something extra)

I got the movieclips from youtube and video.google

By the way. The name of the song is "Blind" and its made by "Silverchair"... (I got it from the soundtrack to the movie "The Cable guy")

Sorry for answering so soon :)
Enjoy the song!

Hehe, Nice!

This was great. Reminded me a lot of an RPG adventure quest.

Graphics: The graphics were clean, neat and looked great. The colour was good and it mixed well with the time it was set in. The graphics in this reminded me a lot of a game called Graal. I don't know if you have ever played it but the faces and character designs looked almost the same.

Style: It was very stylish but it did look and awful lot like Graal. I wont vote it down because of that but i will tell you to keep that in mind for the next one.

Sound: The sound wasn't great, it was crackly and a bit hard to understand. I soon got used to it though. Might i suggest speaking closer to your microphone and turn the volume right down when you record it. Just fix that and it will be fine.

Violence: I didn't see much violence in this flash, but i gave you a one for having a sword in it.

Interactivity: There was no interactivity in this movie.

Humor: I thought was slightly humorous, but it didn't make me laugh like some other flashes have. But i guess that wasn't supposed to be humorous flash, more of a serious one.

Overall: Overall this was a pretty god damn good flash. I hope to see another episode in this series as it looks great. Good Luck with the next part!

MrDDK responds:

Thanks for you review!

The flash IS based off graal, it even says so in the credits and it even has a link to the graal site on the menu. Also it plays some sound effects that are directly FROM graal.

Basically it's a story using the graal server babylon as rough backing. (Babylon has changed compleatly since however)

Brilliant, Just Brilliant.

Wow, this was just perfectly put together. The storyline was compelling and rich with delight.

Graphics: The graphics were superb, they weren't very colurful but who says toy need colour to get a message through to people. The art was quite basic but looked good from my personnal view.

Style: This had a very anime edge to it, which i like in flash. The fighting used in this flash was typical and disappointing because it was jst very basic and didn't include much of a unique capability of fighting in it. Try and make it more specialised in the next part so it looks good and so it

Sound: The sound was just great. And i liked how you included english subtitles at the bottom so that us American folks could read it. Very wise decision, for if you hadn't included them you may have been voted down because of it.

Violence: There wasn't much violence (Thats why i gave you a 4 for it) but it still was slightly brutal when he slammed him into that wall. So you get kudos for that. In the next part try and add a bit of blood into it, like it some filsm it is black and white but the blood is read so it stands out and looks great.

Interactivity: Not much really, except for the play button. But i didn't expect much from a movie, rather a game.

Humor: No humor at all.

Overall: Overall this was a well made flash with a unique style of art and its own capability to get an award. Hope this scores well and i can't wait to see the next part of this flash. Good Luck with it!


Very Impressive

This was great. I have been wating ages since AFD4 and now it is finally here. The animation was lacking a bit of effort, and i know you guys can do better than this. If there is an AFD6, Which i hope there is, then improve the graphics. But the rest of it was amazing. Well done!

Radioactive24 responds:

Heck yes. AFD6 has a combination of the classic baddies like Mp3 and Neo, perhaps Topz and some of our new friends like PimpinJ and Wasa. Glad you liked it and waited in the dead time!

- Radioactive24


Wow this was a great flash. The graphics were amazing! How did you learn to do flash like that? I wish i was that good. Anyway hope to see more great flash from you guys.



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